Daniel P. Myer


Dan has provided asbestos claims handling and claims management services to a wide array of clients, including various asbestos defendants, bankrupt corporations, and law firms nationwide. He has been involved in settlement negotiations with numerous law firms, special masters and judges across the country.

Dan served for 13 years as the Director of Claims at the Center for Claims Resolution (CCR), where his responsibilities included administration of claim handling policies and procedures, preparation and implementation of the appropriate jurisdictional strategy plans, and development of annual operating budgets and indemnity cost projections. He was also involved in the formation of the Asbestos Claims Facility, playing an integral role in implementing settlement and negotiation policies and procedures in the newly formed organization.

Earlier in his career, Dan was employed at Continental Insurance Company in their Environmental Claim Department as a Senior Analyst, Supervisor and Claim Manager. The Environmental Claim Department was responsible for the uniform application of Continental Insurance Company's coverage philosophy on environmental claim-related issues.

Dan has been appointed as a Trustee of qualified settlement trusts and as an Escrow Agent for complex settlement funds involving multiple defendants and multiple plaintiff law firms. Dan has served as an expert witness in the area of asbestos claim handling in both arbitrations and litigation. He is a widely recognized speaker at national asbestos-related seminars for the legal and insurance professions, and holds a B.S. in Public Administration (Business) from William Patterson University.