Kimberly Lavin



Kimberly Lavin joined Verus in October 2006. Her experience with asbestos personal injury litigation began in 1989 when she joined the Litigation Department of the Center for Claims Resolution (CCR), first as staff counsel and then in 1993 as Senior Counsel. Working closely with trial counsel, the CCR’s claims professionals and in‐house counsel for each of the CCR members, she supervised the litigation in several states, including New York, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – four of the most active dockets in the asbestos litigation during her tenure there. Kim was also responsible for preparing and monitoring legal budgets, reviewing and editing briefs in preparation for trial and presenting status reports to the CCR membership on a regular basis.

Kim began her career as a litigation attorney with Harris & Silverman, in‐house counsel for CIGNA Insurance Company in Philadelphia, PA. In that position, she handled a caseload averaging 100 cases; her responsibilities included drafting and researching pleadings, memoranda of law and briefs, oral argument, examining witnesses and the ultimate trial, arbitration or negotiation to settlement of cases. Kim is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Communications from The Annenberg School and Boston University School of Law with a degree of Juris Doctor.