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Analytics Manager

Division/Department: Operations
Reports to: VP of Innovation
Status: Full-Time, Exempt


The Analytics Manager leads a team of Data Analysts that use business data and statistical methods to provide insight into the company’s and its clients’ business performance and suggest areas and methods of improving operations.

Responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive tools and strategies, such as predictive models for epidemiological and econometric forecasting, that allow raw data to be transformed into business insights using both classical and modern statistical methods. Takes part in the budget planning process and ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met while adhering to approved budgets.  Creates solid and transparent processes for taking on assignments and manage projects as well as ad-hoc work.  Identify, control and develop internal and external data sources for business analysis and maintains a data warehouse for ease of reporting.

Presents insight and recommendations to senior company management and clients for decision making and strategic planning.

Creates professional and effective presentations to company management as well as to clients that boils down complex analysis into easy to understand and actionable points that can be leveraged to improve business outcomes.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Utilize skills and knowledge to support Business Development team in expanding new business in the areas of analytics and statistical forecasting, modeling and metrics. Manage the team of data analysts and create and maintain a transparent process for taking on work and reporting out status of work.
  2. Lead the integration of analytics in all services and products developed and marketed by the Company.
  3. Present analytics findings to internal and external customers.
  4. Determine methods for finding or collecting data.
  5. Evaluate the statistical methods and procedures used in data collection to ensure validity, applicability, efficiency and accuracy.
  6. Examine theories, such as those of probability and inference to discover mathematical bases for new or improved methods of obtaining and evaluating data.
  7. Consult with clients to identify data and finalize collection methods, with consideration to all ethical and legislative parameters.
  8. Report conclusions from completed analyses, both verbally and in writing.
  9. Ensure that appropriate decisions are made based on data and/or results of analysis.
  10. Monitor data.
  11. Present results to senior managers, regulatory authorities, clients and any other parties.
  12. Conduct research individually or as a team member.
  13. Write reports and articles for publication.
  14. Present findings at conferences.
  15. Provide forecasts for future projects, business analytics, data and new client acquisitions.
  16. Assist other business leaders in studies to determine future business growth.
  17. Assess the effects of projects and programs.
  18. Design research projects that apply valid techniques and use information obtained from historical data.
  19. Apply classical analytical techniques, such as statistical sampling, experimental design, and regression to Company products and services. Manage daily activities and deliverables of the Analytics team.
  20. Develop repeatable processes to optimize efficiency in producing client facing services.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Data Management, Statistics, Computer Science or a related field. Master’s or higher degree preferred.
  • At least 5 years of experience in a position working with and drawing insights from data and at least 2 years of experience leading a team.
  • Proficiency in modern programming languages such as Python, R, and Java as well as solid expertise in Excel.
  • Understand collection of data. Be able to handle Statistical Sample Size questions, understand what data should/need to be collected for a specific study, and how to pull data from operational databases.
  • Strong understanding of data organization/data warehousing as well as relational databases. Understanding of modern databases desired.
  • Ability to present quantitative analysis in an easy and understandable way. Boil down complex analytics to easy to understand and actionable information.
  • Solid knowledge of Classical Statistics methods and Data Science, Experience with Machine Learning/Deep Learning desired.
  • Strong statistical engineering skills (design of reports and dashboards, visualization, design of processes for analysis and operations).
  • Strong Data presentation (UI/UX) skills and ability to build dashboards using modern visualization techniques.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to create professional presentations and present to peers, management and clients. Effective written and verbal communication skills adapted to the intended audience.
  • Project management skills are highly desirable.

Working Conditions:

Normal business office conditions. Working for prolonged periods of time at a computer screen. To submit a resume, please email us at