Division: Operations
Status: Temporary PT Consultant


This position is responsible for the review, assessment, and audit of medical documents associated with an asbestos personal injury litigation. Reviews will be based on two distinct tiers-diagnostic and malignancy. Specific activities associated with the medical audit process include close examination of original x-ray films and reports, asbestos exposure documentation, and medical narratives. Further, the pulmonologist will be responsible for confirming professional diagnoses. Lastly, this role will medically score each litigation case with a focus on the existence of asbestos and related conditions.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct an overall diagnostic review including pulmonary evaluation in context with the general medical history of a claimant.
  2. Conduct malignancy review for specifically diagnosed cancer cases.
  3. Affirm the plausibility of the original diagnosis of the claimant’s medical condition using the various medical criteria from the TDP.
  4. Provide a second opinion of diagnoses submitted by the claimant’s physician.
  5. Use a four-point scoring system to record the findings that will allow for a challenge without complete refutation of the original findings.
  6. Review copies of original x-ray (or digital) films, the original b-reader report(s), the PFT report(s), and various exposure documentation.
  7. Conduct malignancy reviews to ensure plausibility of the primary diagnosis of cancer at a particular site as needed.
  8. Assess relevant pathology slides in their original condition without reconfiguration of tissue samples or blocks.
  9. Render an opinion on the plausibility of a relationship between a claimant’s malignancy and asbestos exposure (based on pathology assessment).

Knowledge & Skill Requirements:

  1. Board certification required.
  2. Demonstrated experience reviewing x-ray films, pathology slides, b-reader and PFT reports required.
  3. Strong verbal/written communication skills.
  4. Ability to effectively analyze results and communicate recommended courses of action to management.
  5. Highly organized, strong time management skills, and self-motivated.
  6. Ability to work well with others in a team environment.
  7. Ability to synthesize, breakdown and document operational processes from legal and medical documents.


To submit a resume, please email us at hr@verusllc.com.