Garlock Opening Announcement

by | Sep 12, 2018

Effective September 17, 2018, at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time, the GST Settlement Facility (“the Trust”) will commence accepting asbestos personal injury claims.  The Trust was established as part of the Modified Joint Plan of Reorganization of Garlock Sealing Technologies LLC, et al. and OldCo, LLC, Successor by Merger to Coltec Industries Inc (the “Plan”). The Claims Resolution Procedures (the “CRP”), established pursuant to the Plan for the purpose of fairly and equitably resolving all asbestos claims arising as a result of exposure to Garlock or Coltec products, set forth the requirements that claimants must meet to receive payment from the Trust.  The CRP are applied on an impartial, first-in-first-out basis, with the goal of paying all claimants over time as equivalent a share as possible of the value of their claims.

For a complete copy of the CRP and the Electronic Filing Agreement, please visit The Claim Form will be posted on the website on September 17th.

Please review the CRP and filing materials carefully before submitting claims to the Trust.  You may begin submitting claims immediately upon publication of the Claim Form and – for law firms wishing to use the electronic filing option – execution of the Electronic Filing Agreement (“EFA”).  The EFA may be returned by mail, email or fax.

Please note that claims will only be accepted once the applicable filing fee has been paid. You may send a check to cover future fees prior to submitting your claims in order to ensure the funds are available at the time of filing. 

Please send checks to cover filing fees to the following address:

GST Settlement Facility
c/o Verus Claims Services, LLC
3967 Princeton Pike
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

The fees should be allocated to individual claims at the time of filing through the online Claims Management System. Reimbursement may be requested for funds that remain unused; any fees allocated to compensable claims will be refunded at the time of payment by the Trust.

If you have questions concerning the CRP and/or Filing Instructions, please do not hesitate to contact Verus, LLC at


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