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Join Our Verus for Kids Weekly Activities!

Join Our Verus for Kids Weekly Activities!

To help parents keep children entertained and away from TV while working remotely, we are inviting all kids to participate in Verus for Kids, a weekly activity for children to showcase their talents and compete for a prize. The weekly challenge will change each week to keep children engaged.

First Week –  See winners’ artworkTheme: “SPRING”

Second week – Deadline: Tuesday, March 31st at midnight EST
Theme: “MY IMAGINARY PET”. Children are encouraged to create the pet of their dreams. If they have one already, they can recreate that one or come up with an inventive one! All mediums are accepted: crayons, collages, paint, watercolors, etc.!

To participate:

Entries each week must be submitted by the following Tuesday at midnight EST. Deadline for this week is Tuesday, March 24th at 12:00 am EST. Participants must be under the age of 16.

We will announce 2 winners for each activity on our social media pages!

Prize will consist of a $35 Amazon gift card.

To submit your child’s entry, please scan or take a photo of your child’s artwork and email it to:

If you have any question, feel free to contact us at the same email address.

Follow us on social media to see the weekly winners!

The Verus team is looking forward to seeing everyone’s talents!

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