Litigation Update: Xarelto®

by | May 29, 2019

An important deadline in the Xarelto® MDL is rapidly approaching. In Case Management Order No. 10 issued on March 25, 2019 Judge Fallon set out the supplemental information requirements for cases to be produced within 75 days of the date of the order. This information includes the date of the injured person’s first use of Xarelto, the date of the first injury or bleeding event related to Xarelto, the number of days the person was hospitalized for their injury and whether the claimant was taking two other anti-coagulant medications at the time of the injury, among other claim-related information.

As stated in the order, neither the initial registration of the claim nor providing the supplemental information means the claim will qualify for the settlement or that the plaintiff is committing to participating in the settlement.

The Verus team of legal, medical and process management experts designs and delivers case management and medical review solutions tailored to the specific needs of your firm. If you have Xarelto cases you are preparing for settlement, Verus can assist you with:

  • Medical record management and review: medical records are reviewed by a dedicated nurse team trained in the specifics of the Xarelto litigation; Verus also coordinates and monitors the acquisition of any necessary medical records.
  • Claimant contact: front-line support for communication with claimants through a dedicated toll-free number and project-specific email address; mailing services for letters and notices are also provided.
  • Case management and submittal: claim status tracking and preparation of submittal documentation.

Click on this link for information on Verus’ Case Management and Medical Review Services. To contact us, fill out this form or email us at and we will reply immediately.



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