Mark Eveland Interviewed by ROI NJ on Human Trafficking

by | Nov 14, 2019

Lawyers: Firms must be part of solution to human trafficking, lest they be part of problem

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Written by Brett Johnson

Mark Eveland runs a company in the legal sector, but he knows at least one thing about good public relations:

Any association with one of the world’s worst criminal enterprises isn’t it.

That’s why Eveland, co-founder and CEO of Princeton-based Verus LLC, a litigation support firm serving mass tort and class action law firms, says companies should be able to say they’re doing what they can to solve the problem of human trafficking, rather than contributing to it.

Contrary to idea that this issue is far from the world of business, Eveland believes companies in a number of industries could be held responsible in the future for not doing enough to combat it. In some individual cases, particularly in the hospitality sector, that’s already happening. Click to read the full article.


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