Meet David E. Griffith, Chair, Verus’ Board of Managers

by | Oct 16, 2020

David is the Executive Director and Head Coach of Episcopal Community Services (ECS) in Philadelphia, PA, whose focus is to address the issues of Intergenerational Poverty through stability, prevention, and transformational impact programs based on leading-edge brain science.  ECS provides coaching and incentives to participants to achieve economic mobility.

A Little Bit about David:  David is also Chairman of Modern Group Ltd.; serves on its board, as well as that of Delaware Valley Floral Group, Hoober Inc., and Verus LLC., and is lead director of Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld.  His nonprofit interests also include serving on the boards of the Philadelphia World Affairs Council, The Economy League of Philadelphia, Friends of Foundation Academy in Trenton, Victory Farms, and The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University, where he is also Chairperson and a member of the Drexel University Board and executive, audit, and community partnerships committees. Dave also serves as a director of the Griffith Family Foundation, and chairs the McEwen Family Scholarship Fund. He is an advisor to the Caliper Corporation, IBM, and the Journal of Social Innovation.

How long have you served on Verus’ Board of Managers? I have served on Verus’ Board since its founding.

Why did you want to serve on Verus’ Board?  I had known Mark for many years and held him in the highest regard, so when he asked me to join the Advisory Board and later the Fiduciary Board, I was happy to help. I appreciate Verus’ mission to serve those who have faced extremely difficult circumstances and help get them fairly compensated.

In addition, I have long appreciated how Mark, Dan and Mort run Verus and their approach is consistent with my values. Diversity is a core value at the firm – the Verus team is like a ‘mini United Nations’ – and their employees are at the center of every decision the firm’s owners make – whether it is about how profits are distributed, time off is granted, or the ability to work from home.

It is challenge to grow a business so quickly over a short period of time, and they were smart to build a diverse board in terms of background and experience to help them grow strategically, while preserving all that is good about the company.

What is your outlook of the mass tort/class action area of law?  The mass tort arena is growing, and Verus adds significant value to law firms and, more importantly, the claimants. Litigation will continue to grow because companies that do wrong need to be held accountable. I see there is a fundamental demand for Verus’ services and that is increasing, too, especially its advisory services.  Verus takes a lot of expense and time lag out of the system.

Are you passionate about any causes or charities at the moment?  I am a strong advocate for the environment and the issues of poverty in America and recently keynoted on Poverty, Race, and Privilege at ECS ’s forum on Justice and Opportunity, as well as the Corps of Cadets at West Point and at Westminster.

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