The Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Record Reviews

by | Jan 25, 2019

When dealing with litigation that requires examining hundreds or even thousands of medical records, mass tort law firms are faced with two options.

The first is that firms can choose to review medical records in-house, with their own team. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process which requires a law firm to invest thousands of available staff hours to order, monitor, organize and review those medical records. It also means paralegals and other staff must be well-versed in understanding medical records, medical terminology and standard medical practices.

The second option being considered by an increasing number of firms is partnering with a litigation support provider to handle medical record review. If your firm has an upcoming medical records review project, you should consider working with a specialist. Here’s why.

Medical Records Review Providers Add Value

Hiring a litigation support provider to manage and conduct record review has financial benefits. Your law firm will be able to save on the time and costs associated with setting up the kind of extensive file management system required for accurate records review. You will also be able to save on the cost of hiring, training and employing paralegals and other support staff to properly examine medical records. Additionally, the fees of an outside provider can typically be passed through to qualifying claimants as case costs.

Utilizing a Services Provider Improves Efficiency

Medical records review service providers are familiar with the complexity involved in the review process and in the crucial specificity required in the interpretation of records. Their teams are readily available to help your firm which means that they’ll be able to immediately deal with the task at hand and ensure the best possible outcome for your cases in a timely manner. Litigation support providers are staffed with experts in the medical-legal profession who have the experience of having handled thousands of similar cases – allowing firms to leverage the service provider’s experience to expedite review of their own cases.

Outsourcing Means Stricter Data Security

In today’s environment proper data protection is more vital than ever and, with medical records, there is the additional consideration of HIPAA compliance. Most litigation support providers maintain very strong data security infrastructures which will keep the confidential information and data of you and your claimants highly secure. Exercise due diligence to ensure your chosen service provider maintains robust cyber security protocols by inquiring if they have a current Service Organization Control audit or similar independent certification.

Medical Review Services Providers Have the Necessary Resources

Case review work during mass tort litigation can have peaks and valleys, which can make proper staffing difficult. With their resources focused on providing record review services, litigation support providers will have staff with the right skillsets and the technology available when needed. They can ensure that a review of any size is handled competently and efficiently. Outsourcing medical review to specialists frees up in-house staff to take on other responsibilities – perhaps even to expand the number of cases a firm can handle at one time.

If you are considering providers, you should focus on value in addition to cost and don’t be afraid of asking the crucial questions that can affect the security and delivery of your project. If you’d like to discuss this, please contact us.

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