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Dangerous Drugs

Drugs are one of the leading causes of injury to consumers nationwide. Though drugs are designed to combat health issues, when misused or mislabeled, they can be very dangerous. Drugs can include but are not limited to medical marijuana, sedatives, painkillers, etc.

The FDA and law enforcement agencies have made active efforts towards controlling the use and distribution of drugs in order to keep the public as safe as possible. However, certain side effects can be omitted from advertising which can be very hazardous to consumers and therefore causing a spike in litigation. Drugs are often advertised with standard side effects (nausea, dizziness, headaches etc.). However, some unknown side effects can be very dangerous and in some cases fatal.

Verus has extensive experience in reviewing and understanding how these drugs move through the manufacturing and distribution process and how they can cause harm to consumers. Through extensive medical review and claim submission organization, Verus can assist your firm in getting justice for your clients.