Verus Holiday Traditions

by | Dec 16, 2021

There is no greater time of year to reflect on the very traditions that have come to shape the people we are.  This year to celebrate the holidays, we asked our fellow team members to share a Holiday or New Year’s tradition that has become an important memory with their family or friends. Here are some traditions our team celebrates…

Barbara Zajac, Team LeaderIn the spirit of Polish tradition, we celebrate Christmas Eve with a special supper, called Vigilia. The night starts with the first star showing in the night sky.  Out of twelve traditional dishes, our menu always includes:  fish, fries, mushroom dumplings, and red borsch.  There is always an additional empty plate for an “unexpected” guest or in memory of someone whom we have lost. On this day, we also avoid all arguments because whatever happens on Christmas Eve, it will keep coming back for the next year.

Dan Myer, VP of Client ServicesWhen I was younger, we had a silver fake Christmas Tree, with a little light shining on the tree. The light would change colors. It was a very hip late 1960’s early 1970’s Tree!

Mark Eveland, Chief Executive OfficerMy family is Pennsylvania Dutch, which means that it was imperative to serve pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day. The dinner always involved a ceremony where Oma and Opa would wish everyone “viel Glück” (“much luck”) for the coming year, and as many blessings as there were shreds of cabbage on your plate. To this day, no New Year’s Day celebration is complete without my pork and sauerkraut.

Oriel Pope, Client Relations ManagerEver since I was a kid, we have a tradition where all of the kids in the family gather on Christmas eve at the house of an aunt or uncle that is hosting, and watch movies and play games. I mean we are talking about 12-15 kids at a time.  Meanwhile, all the adults in the family are at another relative’s house wrapping all of our gifts. They then sneak in the gifts to the hosting house overnight, and we all wake up and open gifts on Christmas day.

Taylor Anepete, HR AssistantDuring the winter holiday season, it is always the best to spend time with family and friends, especially when we spend it in upstate New York. Being able to be around love and great company and be able to read a good book while next to the fireplace, makes the season all the better.

Thank you to all on our team who shared their special traditions. From our family to yours, we wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season filled with memorable traditions!


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