Kimberly Lavin

Manager of Research Services, 609-466-0427 ext. 1043

As the Manager of Research Services at Verus, Kim uses both historical documents and current analysis to conduct ongoing research into the products and exposure sites for each of the Trusts administered by Verus. She coordinates audits and document review projects, prepares responses to subpoenas and discovery requests, manages the document repositories for all Verus trusts, assists the Support team with responses to law firms, and serves as Alternative Dispute Resolution administrator for a number of Verus trusts. Additionally, as a member of the Marketing & Sales team, Kim works with colleagues to identify sales opportunities and researches ongoing mass torts.

Kim’s experience with asbestos personal injury litigation started at the Legal Department of the Center for Claims Resolution (CCR). Working closely with trial counsel, the CCR’s claims professionals and in‐house counsel for each of the CCR members, she supervised the litigation in several states. Kim was also responsible for preparing and monitoring legal budgets, reviewing and editing briefs in preparation for trial and presenting status reports to CCR management on a regular basis. Kim began her career as a litigation attorney with McGettigan, McWilliams & Silverman, in‐house counsel for CIGNA Insurance Company in Philadelphia, PA.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking with her family, travel, singing and listening to music, reading and painting.