Rona Webster

Business Analyst, 609-681-1129

Rona is a Claims Services Representative for the asbestos claim management system at Verus where her role involves offering support and answering questions from Claimant’s Counsel regarding asbestos claims. This includes questions regarding the medical criteria, the Trust specific proof of asbestos exposure criteria, Statute of Limitations and questions regarding how to most efficiently use the Verus application. In addition, Rona assists Pro Se filers, individuals who represent themselves, and helps them navigate the Claims Filing process and the requirements for a successful claim.

Rona has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and worked for 10 years in research in England prior to moving to the US and then taking a career break to raise her family. She returned to the workforce to work in a Montessori school for 6 years prior to starting as a Claims Reviewer at Verus in 2012.

In her free time, Rona enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.