Veronica Blum

Director of Marketing, 609-466-0427 ext. 1030

In her role as Director of Marketing for Verus, Veronica is responsible for promoting the company’s services through branding, communication and business development tactics. As a member of the Leadership Team, Veronica is involved in working in the planning and execution of the company’s strategic plan.

She is also a member of the Verus’ Sales team, an interdisciplinary group of professionals whose focus is to differentiate Verus from its competitors and promote its services around the country.Before joining Verus, Veronica spent over 20 years holding key Marketing roles at distinguished New Jersey law firms. In those positions, she was responsible for the marketing and business development activities of the firms which included a broad range of initiatives such as firm-wide communications; planning and logistics of numerous seminars, conferences and events; lawyer coaching; practice group planning and management; client development; and the design and implementation of many rebranding operations.

When she is not working, Veronica enjoys playing tennis with her family, painting and making jewelry.