Ensuring Credibility and Integrity in Mass Tort Claims: The Role of Audits & Compliance

by | Jun 25, 2024

The Benefits of Audits In Mass Torts

Compliance audits specifically designed to verify the credibility, integrity, and reliability of the evidence being collected and submitted throughout the litigation process are an important tool promoting accountability, and transparency and trust among stakeholders in mass tort litigation.
These audits can and should occur throughout the process since they help ensure that all parties involved adhere to court orders governing both active litigation and settlement agreements. For plaintiff firms litigating mass torts, internal audits can help validate legitimate claimants and weed out potentially fraudulent claims, allowing them to focus their efforts on deserving claimants and to protect their reputations and the integrity of the process. Individuals intent on committing fraud can get past even the best intake professionals, so trained experts in fraud detection provide an added layer of protection.
Once a settlement is reached in a mass tort, audits ensure that the evidence being submitted to a settlement administrator complies with the terms and conditions of the settlement agreement; audits also serve to protect the assets available to pay legitimate claimants from being eroded by false claims. The specific audit program design will be dictated by the evidence required for compensation, but there are certain general fraud detection tools that apply in all settlement situations. In particular, audits designed to identify claims being submitted on behalf of fake individuals or stolen identities are necessary to combat the wave of AI-driven fraudulent claiming being seen in many consumer protection class actions.
In mass tort settings, other audit features are designed to provide additional reassurance as to the credibility of exposure and medical evidence. These types of audits are designed to select claims on a random basis and request independent sources to confirm the reliability of the original evidence submitted with the claims – be that employment records that verify an individual’s work history in the case of occupational exposures, or verification of physician credentials and other independent medical records that support a diagnosis provided by a claimant’s expert. Verus has designed and maintained such audits on behalf of numerous settlement funds for over a decade. These audits ensure that only valid claims are paid, maintaining the integrity of the process and preserving funds for deserving claimants in the future.
To be most effective – and to be seen as objective – claim audits should be conducted by independent, specially trained auditors who are not involved in the day-to-day operations of law firms or settlement administrators.
Done correctly, compliance audits provide a number of benefits to litigation stakeholders. These specialized services are designed to detect and mitigate fraudulent activity and identify suspicious patterns and behaviors to prevent potential threats. Investing in these types of audits allows all parties to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and accountability and ensure that all claimants receive fair and equal treatment.

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Investing in specialized audits is crucial for maintaining the integrity of mass tort claims. Trust Verus to deliver independent, thorough, and objective audit services. Contact us today to learn how we can help ensure transparency and fairness in your litigation processes.

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