Innovative Solutions for Mass Tort Litigation: Verus’ End-to-End Support Services

by | Jul 10, 2024

One of Verus’ greatest strengths is its talented and creative operations team, adept at managing the intricate details of every engagement they undertake. From the initial outreach to your clients, all the way through to the resolution of healthcare liens and distributions of settlements, our team delivers outstanding results through our end-to-end support services for mass tort litigation.  Our flexibility and ability to innovate is evident in a number of our recent projects described below.

Client Engagement

In response to a law firm’s request to manage communications for approximately 16,000 clients in the talc litigation, Verus developed branded, tailored messaging programs that sent scheduled call reminders, litigation updates, and other voice, text and email messaging critical to maintaining a strong connection between the law firm and their clients.

Verus also managed communications for another firm’s 6,400 opioid litigation clients, including hard copy mailings and electronic messaging, designed to provide litigation updates, obtain vital claim information, and maintain current claimant information. We collected all of the necessary data and managed the generation and submission of claim forms to several settlement trusts established by opioid drug manufacturers and distributors, while also preserving data that could potentially be used by the law firm in future actions involving opioids.

Verus recently assisted a law firm in mining their existing client list of over 2,300 individuals they represent in other matters to identify injuries and exposure that could give rise to new claims. To facilitate this organic lead generation we developed questionnaires to collect information from these clients about a range of injuries and products implicated in a number of mass torts, including: talc, hair relaxer, Round-Up, and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists. We then collected additional information based on responses to these questionnaires, and once injury and exposure were confirmed assisted counsel with filing cases or referring cases out to co-counsel within our network.  

Data Management

Verus leveraged our extensive experience in data management to capture and validate data from approximately 15,000 claim form documents completed by over 4,800 claimants to develop a single, complete claim form that is acceptable to the courts. This project has required significant cross-departmental cooperation, involving our operations, quality, and technical teams, showcasing the depth of our resources and ability to innovate and develop unique solutions as a team. Verus’ ability to coordinate talent across the company is one of our most notable hallmarks.

Settlement Administration

Verus has long been a leader in settlement administration, having managed over 45 trust funds established by bankruptcy courts and numerous calls action settlements in our twenty year history. We handle every aspect of claim administration, including design of claim forms, notices to claimants, development of claim portals, claim processing, forecasting cash flows, lien resolution, and fund disbursements.

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