Our Services

Clients choose Verus for the value we deliver through our unique combination of knowledgeable industry experts and state-of-the art technology. We are passionate about helping great lawyers in their pursuit of justice. With that objective in mind, our talented team of lawyers, accountants, analysts, statisticians and operations professionals work tirelessly to support our clients’ litigation goals.

By outsourcing their litigation support needs, law firms improve quality, reduce costs and free their lawyers to concentrate on the litigation rather than administrative matters. Verus serves plaintiff lawyers nationally with case management, medical review, claim administration, accounting, compliance, HR, and analytics services.

Unlike other service providers, we do not depend on technology developed by third parties. The tools empowering our team were built by the team, with the specific needs of our customers in mind. This means you get the services you need – not some pre-packaged solution – delivered quickly and efficiently. We have the intellectual, analytical and technical abilities needed to master your project.