Verus, LLC Introduces Verus Government Programs, LLC, to Help Small Business and Individual Apply to Complex Government Relief Programs

by | Jan 11, 2022

Verus, LLC, a litigation support service firm, has formed Verus Government Programs, LLC, (“VerusGP”), a new entity to support small businesses and individuals with their applications to government programs that provide relief.

Verus, LLC (, a litigation support service firm, has formed Verus Government Programs, LLC, (“VerusGP”), a new entity to support small businesses and individuals with their applications to government programs that provide relief. The entity will tap into Verus, LLC’s expertise in complex data collection and end-to-end claims administration to assist with the application process.

“Verus Government Programs is an extension of our firm’s Business and Advisory Services and is in line with our commitment and keen focus on facilitating justice every day,” said Mark Eveland, co-founder and CEO of Verus, LLC. “While we typically think of natural disasters in the case of relief programs, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a catastrophe for many businesses. New government assistance programs have been created to support those who suffered financial harm as a result. Our mission is to help eligible business owners and individuals navigate the complex application process across a relief program’s spectrum, with an immediate focus on pandemic-related matters.”

To that end, VerusGP is concentrating currently on the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program (, a government benefit program for small businesses that experienced a decline in gross receipts or had to suspend or partially suspend operations due to COVID-19 restrictions. Applicants will be guided through the process by the VerusGP team that features years of experience in data analysis, claims evaluation, accounting, and legal research.

Specifically, VerusGP will work with businesses with fewer than 500 full-time employees in regions and industries which were seriously impacted by COVID.

Other examples of government programs for which VerusGP plans to provide assistance include:
• Restaurant Employee Relief Fund
• Disaster recovery funds (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes)
• Relief funds set up after major industrial accidents
• Federal Empowerment Zone funds
• Indian Employment Credits
• Numerous other federal, state and local economic revitalization programs

According to Eveland, the introduction of VerusGP is integral to the company’s plans to expand the diversification of its service offerings in areas that support its mission. “Justice is not always facilitated only through the courts. In some cases like natural, health and economic disasters and, in this case, the pandemic, there is no ‘defendant’ to pursue damages within the court system. But when the government steps in with programs to help those who have suffered harm, as we saw with COVID-19, Verus sees these programs as a meaningful way to bring ‘justice’ to those parties.”

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