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Verus offers an end-to-end suite of services designed to support your mass tort cases throughout the litigation lifecycle. We partner with you to design the solutions that meet your requirements.

Portfolio Onboarding

Facilitate the transfer of data and documentation from third party sources into a customized portal and provide valuable insights into claimant workability and viability.

Record / Data Acquisition

Place orders utilizing the best acquisition approach for the case and manage order timeliness, high provider fees, unidentified providers, and unavailable records.

Claimant Engagement

Use a multi-channel, data driven outreach strategy to welcome, update, and support claimants at a cadence that advances their case and keeps them informed and active.

Claimant Data Collection

Engage and assist claimants via communication channels and portal to collect required data and facilitate signatures on documentation such as HIPAA, Hi-Tech, and/or claim forms.

Provider Optimization

Consolidate and strategically prioritize the ordering of provider requests to reduce ordering costs, provider fees, review costs, and time spent securing support.

Document and Data Processing

Utilize human and artificial intelligence to review and capture data from records, identify and resolve gaps, and produce chronologies, summaries, exposure histories, etc.

Augmented Portfolio Analysis

Leverage in-house data scientists and subject matter experts to analyze case portfolio for completeness, quality, and engagement in order to strategize on case optimization.

Claims Aggregation / Submission

Prepare submission documentation and provide to law firm for review and approval, facilitate claimant sign-off, manage submission, and respond to deficiencies if necessary.

Lien Resolution

Confirmation of benefits, settlement reporting, and lien resolution to ensure compliance with governmental and private lien program guidelines.

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