Diversity & Civic Engagement

We take diversity seriously, believing that it creates a cooperative and dynamic atmosphere that leads to faster innovation that better serves our clients. Many different nationalities, religions and professional backgrounds nourish our company with an exceptional range of experiences that enable us to understand business challenges from many unique perspectives. Our employees come from over 20 different countries and speak more than two dozen languages. Generationally, we are equally divided among Millennials, Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Boomers. When it comes to gender diversity, Verus encourages the development of talented women and men alike. Our senior management team is 50% women, with others advancing to join them.

With the same thought, our success depends on a healthy and vibrant community to provide us with a diverse and creative workforce. In recognition of this, we believe in giving back to the community not only of our money, but also of our time. We provide all employees paid time off for volunteer work, and to encourage them to use this time we organize group volunteer days throughout the year.

The organizations we support have been selected with input from our staff, and reflect our team’s commitment to combatting poverty and protecting the environment. Those organizations include Home Front, Mercer Street Friends Food Bank, Bowman Hills Wildflower Preserve, and the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association among others. We welcome representatives to our office to generate support on behalf of impactful programs and we regularly conduct company-wide drives to collect food and clothing for surrounding communities.

Our commitment to environmental causes extends beyond volunteering to our efforts to develop and maintain an eco-friendly, sustainable office. We are pushing towards a “zero waste” operation, and have taken such steps as composting organic waste and eliminating all disposable paper and plastic products from our cafeteria.