Five Ways Outsourcing Case Administration & Management Services Can Save Money for Mass Tort Firms

by | Feb 3, 2020

For many mass tort firms, case administration and management can eat up significant human and financial resources because attorneys need to spend valuable time overseeing administrative tasks that take them away from the actual litigation. Client intake, document procurement and management, and client communications are all very time-consuming key processes, and typically involve large volumes of information that must be obtained, reviewed, and produced to other parties. Here are five ways that demonstrate how outsourcing these services can save mass tort firms time and money.

  1. Case administration technology

In today’s world, mass tort case management needs purpose-built technology and automation. For a law firm to develop customized software and a case management platform, and maintain that infrastructure, costs significantly more than outsourcing. Outsourcing eliminates the enormous upfront cost and the ongoing training expense to maintain and improve upon the technology platform. This allows the law firm to invest more money in other aspects of their business development.

  1. Staffing and scalability

Outsourcing makes the law firm more scalable when it’s truly needed, and keeps staffing more cost-efficient during lulls in the litigation. Rather than fill positions with less experienced people when demand peaks (which will cost money in supervision), the firm can scale up strategically with high-level people when needed, knowing that the baseline needs are being handled at any given time with the right people for the job.

In addition, small firms who have avoided mass tort litigation in the past because of the ramp up costs can take on cases without expanding payroll or other overhead because the case administration provider has the infrastructure in place to manage their needs. In the case of larger mass tort firms, in which many partners and practice leads are traveling to conferences and leadership meetings or are in court, lawyers are freed up from the task of managing staff and can focus on legal work; the third-party provider is already accountable for the case administration and management tasks.

  1. Breadth of expertise

There’s no need to hire outside experts. Many outsourcing firms bring the benefit of experience across multiple areas of litigation and many law firms – ensuring clients have access to a diversity of experience and skills at no additional expense, such as:

  • Analytics – Third-party providers have experts on staff who can parse the data, which becomes very valuable in settlement negotiations when litigation matters shift.
  • Compliance – Being out of compliance can lead to costly violations. A case management provider will mitigate risk by helping the firm maintain internal and external compliance around processes and privacy laws, which may vary across states.
  1. Advances the success of legitimate cases

Outsourcing ensures the case is well-handled and proceeds through the legal machinery correctly. An expert third-party provider can ensure cases are handled effectively and improve the probability that qualified cases move forward quickly and unqualified cases are identified early.

  1. Flexibility

Mass tort litigation always evolves. Outsourcing the firm’s case administration and management enables the attorneys to course-correct with greater agility in the event of the litigation taking an unexpected turn.

NOTA BENE: When seeking to outsource your mass tort case support services, bear in mind that the offshore and low-cost providers may look less expensive on paper, but they may have very different standards in terms of the product they deliver. Many mass tort firms often discover they spend additional money and time redoing work from offshore service providers.  Make sure you understand the standard of work you will be getting when engaging a third-party administrator for any outsourced services. Do not let price alone drive your business decision.

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