Morten Iversen

Board Member and Owner, 609-466-0427

Morten is a co-founder of the company and is responsible for Verus’ information technology and computer services. In that capacity, he directs the company’s efforts as they relate to technology advancements and leads the decision-making on all related investments. Morten and his team are instrumental in the design and implementation of all Verus’ technology, smoothing the integration of clients’ systems, and ensuring clients have a pleasant user experience.

Morten has been involved in the design, implementation and management of mass tort litigation systems since his time at the Center for Claims Resolution. He has over 25 years of software development and Information Technology management experience that includes extensive involvement in data mapping and conversion projects, cross-platform integrations, data center management, data warehousing, and document management systems. He has served as the key architect behind several mass tort litigation management systems, developed legal cost management systems and worked with law firms in establishing claims handling groups to administer clients’ asbestos claims.