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3M Combat Arms™ Earplugs

Our servicemen and women deserve the best. If your firm is involved in the 3M Combat earplug litigation, let Verus help you manage your cases. The Verus team of legal, medical and process management experts design and deliver case management and medical review solutions tailored to the specific needs of your firm.

We can assist with the following:

Intake review: Verus reviews the information collected during intake to determine if additional information is needed. If so, Verus will contact the veteran and work with them to get the information necessary to complete their claim.

Medical records acquisition and review: Verus can manage the acquisition of all necessary medical records and service records. The records are then reviewed by a dedicated team trained in the specifics of the CAEv2 litigation that prepares reports and other work product to your specifications.

Initial census report: Verus reviews available records and coordinates with the veteran to complete the initial census form for submittal.

Veteran communications: Verus will provide front-line support for communications with veterans through a dedicated toll-free phone number and a project-specific email address. Additionally, Verus can provide notice services for important written communications with veterans.

Case enhancement/Personal story: Verus will contact the veterans to compile their individual personal stories that will include the impact the injury has had on their lives and details of their military service, including photos of them wearing the CAEv2 and any IED or ERP exposures.

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Verus can help your firm with 3M and any other medical device or dangerous drug related cases. Visit our Mass Tort Administration Services page for more information. Contact us today by filling out the form or email us at info@verusllc.com.