Verus can help your firm manage your JUUL cases so you can focus on advocacy and furthering the litigation. Starting after the intake stage, Verus’ team of dedicated experts can handle the entire process. Use your legal skills to advocate for your clients and leave the management of the cases to us.

The Verus team is prepared to support firms who are handling JUUL cases with a range of services including:

Intake review: Verus reviews the initial intake and related documentation and contacts the claimant and works with them to get the necessary information.

Initial census and case information gathering: Verus works with claimants to collect the information and signature required for the JUUL census form and submits the completed forms and documentation.

Medical record management and review: Verus’ experienced team manages medical record orders and then reviews the records to prepare reports on Juul usage and injury to provide the information you require for the litigation. Verus will work with claimants to locate additional providers if needed.

Claimant communication: Verus provides front-line support for communication with claimants through a dedicated toll-free phone number and a project-specific email address, texting, mail and phone services.

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