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Benefits of Using Litigation Analytics

Profit from your Data
We create insights that can guide law firms’ actions by uncovering the value of their own data. These insights can help firms minimize risk and maximize opportunities.

Select the Right Litigation
By analyzing a wide range of factors that contribute to the outcome of mass tort cases, Verus helps law firms make informed decisions on whether to get involved in a particular litigation.  Having this information helps firms make educated choices about how to expend resources.

Estimate the Scope of a Litigation
Data analytics provides law firms with critical information to assess the possible scope of a litigation by estimating and modeling the number of potential claimants and types of claims.

Improve the Valuation of Cases
Our team can help law firms determine the value of their cases and assist them in establishing a framework for negotiation with the defense, leveraging the power of data to establish a position of strength.

Design Settlement Matrixes
Working with the law firm and often a special master, the Verus Analytics team develops a data-driven framework incorporating the applicable evaluation criteria and relative weight to appropriately compensate each claimant on an objective basis.

Better Management of Expenses
Law firms involved in mass torts have concerns about finances and managing expenses given the high risk of this type of litigation and its costly nature.  Verus assists law firms by reviewing their portfolio of cases, anticipating cash outflows and modeling optimum operational capacity.