Large, complex legal matters lead to significant information risk. The best way to reduce that risk is through well designed Compliance services. Whatever the challenge, our compliance team can help you achieve your goal of reducing information risk and enhancing the value of your data for more informed decision making. The combination of Verus’ compliance professionals with our data science and information management experts provide clients with a solution beyond their traditional expectations.

Our services:

  • Operational compliance includes a systematic review of operational functions to assess efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Regulatory compliance includes a comprehensive reviews of an organization’s conformity with guidelines set by ruling authorities or governing bodies.
  • Detailed planning to gain a full understanding of client’s legal matter and all the parties involved followed by a testing phase of client’s process and compliance. Lastly, a reporting phase with integrated analytical analysis and recommendations on best practice improvements and/or process enhancements.
  • Visual reports that help clients make changes to their current processes.
  • Understanding of the meaning of the report conclusion and the impact the recommended changes will have on clients’ matters.