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Document Management

Verus’ document management tools provide firms with state-of-the-art technology at cost-effective pricing. Our software helps legal professionals and others uncover pertinent facts “hidden” in electronically stored information (ESI) in order to identify the key data that is relevant to expedient resolution of a dispute.

Document Analytics

Verus offers solutions to help organizations explore and organize electronically stored information. In combination with our analytical expertise, we are able to provide companies with insights based on the vast amounts of data “hidden” in documents and emails. Reviewing and organizing this “hidden” data may help in uncovering new business opportunities, understand risks, and identifying critical nodes in communication networks.

Document Indexing, Coding, and Organization

A key feature of our tool set is the software’s ability to conduct searches through large volumes of documents and create a searchable index of document metadata and text extracted from the documents. Users can also define additional data to capture during a manual review of pertinent documents. This is a great tool for companies to organize documents for easy search and retrieval.

Duplicate Detection and Near-Duplicate

Verus has designed and built its own state-of-the-art software that drastically reduces the time it takes to detect duplicate or near duplicate documents. Clients can use this software to search through large volumes of documents on their servers and easily identify duplicates. The software can also be used as part of an existing document intake process to identify duplicate documents early in the workflow, avoiding review of documents that have been seen and coded before.