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HR Solutions, Administration, and Implementation

A rewarding work environment is crucial for businesses to thrive and be successful. And sustaining that harmonious workplace requires constant attention, dedication, and commitment. The experienced Human Resources team at Verus can help your company design and implement the programs required to achieve a superior work environment.

Strategic Onboarding
Integrating newly-hired employees is not an easy task. Maximizing the impact of that initial connection will be a key differentiator in the new employee’s level of satisfaction with his employer. Our HR specialists can assist your business in all the necessary steps for successful onboarding:

  • Recruiting activities, including advertising, agency relationships, and background checks
  • Successful interviewing skills
  • Welcome communications and meetings, new hire paperwork, and onboarding checklists
  • Orientation training, on-the-job learning, and continual feedback
  • Individual coaching/mentoring and HR support

Employee Relations
Small-to-medium size businesses often lack the staff necessary to fully support the Human Resource function. However, industry experience shows that improving HR practices and expanding opportunities for employees are invaluable efforts. Our services can help your business plan through the creation of the following key processes and policies:

  • Improved Communication Skills for Company Leaders
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Professional Training and Development
  • Employee Recognition and Promotions
  • Conflict Resolution and Terminations
  • Workplace Conduct

Employee Engagement
Highly engaged staff are more productive and committed to their employers. Key activities for driving employee engagement include:

  • Maintaining open communication that includes Corporate strategies and objectives
  • Conducting regular one-on-one meetings between managers and team members
  • Focusing on employee career growth, personal development, and individual well-being

Our HR team can plan and coordinate the activities necessary for nurturing a workforce that remains invested in the organization’s success. Effective staff engagement is a vital component to maintaining Company-wide enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence.

Employee Performance
Evaluating performance requires a solid program that captures the information necessary for fair and accurate assessment. Verus’ HR team can help your business establish control mechanisms that ensure compliance and adherence to vital timelines. Our performance evaluation platform contains the following key elements:

  • Comprehensive semi-annual and annual performance appraisal program
  • Regular manager-employee communications for local and remote staff
  • User-friendly appraisal forms
  • 360° supervisor-subordinate assessment platform
  • Disciplinary procedures and performance improvement plans
  • Warning/dismissal policies

Regulatory Compliance
The Role of Human Resources is vital to navigating federal and state laws and regulations to ensure that businesses avoid costly fines and other penalties, including potential harm to the organization’s reputation and exposure to workplace litigation. Verus’ customized programs include:

  • Recruiting and Hiring: Title VII/Discrimination Laws
  • Benefits – ACA, HIPAA, COBRA, FMLA
  • Compensation – FLSA and the Equal Pay Act
  • Employee handbooks and formal Company policies & procedures
  • Consistent interpretation & delivery of key Company programs and employee guidelines

Verus’ HR team will help your company develop a compensation philosophy that includes key elements:

  • Salary Structure
  • Market Pricing – Analysis of salary benchmark data
  • Review of Company-wide job descriptions
  • Implementation of employee incentives, including Bonus and Commission Programs
  • Paid Time Off Programs

Organizational Change
Businesses commonly undergo different stages of growth. For many employees, even beneficial changes can be perceived as unsettling. Therefore, it is crucial for leadership to proactively manage all aspects of company evolution. The Verus HR team can help direct these efforts through the following initiatives:

  • Ensure support & buy-in of Company leadership
  • Assess Company readiness and analyze change impact
  • Develop an employee-focused communication plan
  • Create & implement training programs
  • Prepare informational documentation
  • Manage key Company transitions: Mergers & acquisitions, changing roles, restructuring, growth, and reduction-in-force (RIF)
  • New technology implementation