Time and Expense Management

Delivering the best possible advocacy for their clients while paying attention to their duty to provide transparent, detailed and timely billing and expense information is an everyday burden for all attorneys.

Ideally, a legal team would log time and expenses in real time, but existing solutions for keeping contemporaneous records are time consuming and viewed as an intrusion on the practice of law. Lawyers need a recordkeeping solution that reduces the strains of timekeeping and results in increased compliance with timekeeping practices that the overseers of Common Benefit Funds expect.

The Verus Time & Expense System is the solution to keeping accurate time and expense records in real time. Designed specifically for the unique demands of complex, mass tort litigation in mind, the system reduces the administrative overhead of time and expense tracking. This enables firms to spend more of their valuable time practicing law while still providing stakeholders the transparency into litigation costs required by the complex billing guidelines often imposed in mass tort cases.

The Verus Time & Expense System, a cloud-based responsive application, can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. The system is easily customizable to fit the needs and specializations of the common benefit order. Its approach to data capture, reporting, and oversight allows everyone on the litigation team to capture billing data accurately and timely so they can spend more time on advocacy.

Key Features:

  • Upload saved photos or images of receipts directly from mobile devices or desktop computers.
  • Supports multiple methods for entering time and expenses: single entries, weekly or monthly timesheet forms and ability to import from Excel.
  • Availability of customizable features that can be tailored to each law firm’s requirements.
  • Ability to setup alerts for time and expense entries that violate project-specific billing guidelines.
  • Convenient comprehensive reporting tools to support scheduled automated distribution in order to keep all interested parties informed and up-to-date.

Additionally, our team can provide the following add-on services:

  • Customized reporting that offers statistical analysis of trends, enabling faster resolution of emerging issues and improved decision-making by parties exercising oversight.
  • Consulting services to enhance functionality with custom features for unique project requirements.
  • Billing review, auditing and reporting services to ensure independence, transparency and fairness of distributions.
  • Support is available to assist in the timekeeping process.