Verus LLC to Provide Expert Related Services in the Proof of Claim Process in the Boy Scouts of America Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceedings

by | Jun 16, 2020

Litigation Support Firm Will Provide Victim-Centered, Trauma-Informed Expert Services by Specially Trained Professionals

PRINCETON, N.J., June 16, 2020Verus LLC has been retained to provide specially-trained expert services to sexual abuse survivors who are looking to submit a Proof of Claim form in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings for the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”) and Delaware BSA, LLC, in the District of Delaware.

Verus is proud to announce that it has been retained by law firms in the aforementioned proceeding. Specifically, Verus will be handling the complete process of the Proof of Claim form, as well as the actual submission to the administrator of the Chapter 11 Proof of Claim process. The engagements come in the face of over 14,000 potential claims of alleged sex abuse and a November 16, 2020, filing deadline.

Verus has retained RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization and a recognized leader in comprehensive sexual assault trainings, to train their mental health professionals and case workers who will interview those reporting incidents of sexual abuse associated with the BSA. RAINN’s specialized and tailored training will provide Verus’ team of experts with an understanding of the complexities of reporting sexual assault, including the unique barriers male survivors face as well as the needs of child sexual abuse survivors who are reporting assault that occurred long ago. The training will also allow Verus’ experts to better identify emotional triggers among sexual abuse survivors as part of the interview process.

Verus, which is fully engaged in supporting mass tort law firms across the U.S., is the preeminent litigation support services firm that provides this kind of specialized outsourced support for firms handling sex abuse litigation, to be delivered by a multi-cultural, bilingual team.

“It is vital that we listen to survivors with compassion and empathy, using a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach that builds the vital trust needed for us to capture their full stories,” said Dan Comunale, Verus’ director of business development. “We want to make sure their voices are heard, as well as gather the necessary information that will advance the proof of claims process. Therefore, we must ensure that our process is appropriately thought out and enables the survivors to express their trauma appropriately. The training is a calculated blend of keeping the victims’ wellbeing at the forefront, while recognizing the time constraints of the Chapter 11 Proof of Claims process”.

The Chapter 11 filing will allow the Boy Scouts of America to reorganize finances in order to set up a victims’ compensation fund. Claimants who fail to meet the deadline may face additional challenges in filing suit against the BSA in the future.

“Our singular goal in this proceeding is to make sure that every sexual abuse claimant we work with has their full story heard, and that the complexities of dealing with and remembering trauma do not hinder telling their stories,” added Comunale.

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